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Tony Ramirez

In the heat of the summer, across the United States, electricity blackouts are an all too common occurrence. For businesses, crucial commercial continuity comes to a harsh stand-still leading to exposed data, security issues, and massive disruptions of service.

Despite the desert summer in the El Paso,Texas region, manufacturing operations don't have to sweat the heat. For the past five years, El Paso Electric has  ranked number 1 in the state of Texas for reliability. Even when the days are scorching, businesses experience a reliable and constant flow of electricity. 

Here is why considering the El Paso Borderplex region for a manufacturing operation will undoubtedly ensure business continuity and mitigate risk of weather related shut downs. 

Grid Optimization

El Paso is the only major city in Texas not in the ERCOT grid and instead is a part of the state-of-the-art Western Interconnect grid. As a result, businesses in the Borderplex region are able to locate in a business friendly state while experiencing a more reliable and constant electric flow. 

Infrastructure Ready

Critical components of El Paso Electric’s operating structure are repaired, secured, and upgraded every spring to prepare for the heat of the summer and every fall to prepare for the cold of the winter. With upgraded lines and regional crews ready to react at a moments notice, El Paso Electric is designed for all weather, from 110 to minus 10. 

Diversity of Generation

Multiple avenues for reaching consumer electrical demand is essential for smooth operations. With plans to triple its renewable energy portfolio by 2023, El Paso Electric utilizes solar and natural gas under normal circumstances. However, should an extreme condition arise that limits normal operations, plant operators have the ability to source power from stored fuel oil on a moment’s notice.  

In 2021, manufacturing leaders are outlining next best operating markets for power supply diversification, and grid optimization in 2021. Manufacturing market expansions will be led by their strength and consistency in reliability with a trusted provider, and in 2021, there’s no better market than the El Paso Borderplex region.  

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