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 Why Join?   

Business leaders agree — joining The Borderplex Alliance is a smart investment. Here is a small sampling of the reasons discerning leaders join The Borderplex Alliance. 

What we're offering you:

Astute Observations:  As an investor, you'll get regular updates on topical issues affecting border business. We'll put current affairs in proper perspective to help you and your business see the present more clearly.

Investor Recognition:  Our investors are regularly lauded for their philanthropic efforts in the community and through their exclusive sponsorship of our world-class public and private events.  

Thought-Provoking Meetings:  Refreshingly frank, in-depth, and substantive, regular meetings give investors a lucid view of business in the region and keep them ahead of the competition.

Unusually valuable Connections:  Our peerless group of investors are among the most influential and successful in the U.S. and Mexico. Becoming a member means joining a small circle of leaders who value economic development and care deeply about our community.


We offer an array of investor levels to suit any budget. To learn more, schedule a meeting, or attend our next event, connect with Katherine below. To get started, download and fill out the form image. Once done, email it to Katherine and she will contact you shortly.

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Katherine Vandertulip

Vice President of Investor Relations


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