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 2025 Ascend Plan 

The Ascend Plan sharpens and re-focuses The Borderplex Alliance's strategy to create a more prosperous, dynamic, and competitive region. Our team queried the best minds and evidence-based strategies to create a bespoke plan suited to our unique region.

Borderplex Alliance 2025 Ascend Plan.png


The 2025 Ascend Plan includes sections on the following topics:

  • Business Resilience and Sustainability

  • Target Industries

    • Life Sciences

    • Business Services (finance and insurance and IT)

    • Advanced Manufacturing

    • Aerospace and Defense

    • Advanced Logistics

  • Talent Pipeline Development

  • Research, Development and Entrepreneurship

  • Policy Advocacy

  • Targeted Marketing

Click to access the full version. 

 Quick FActs   

  • 32 Goals, 139 Actions

  • A Regional Focus – working across borders for collective prosperity

  • Addresses shared regional priorities (developed via survey)

  • Sets target industries and illuminates emerging opportunities

  • Places a special focus on workforce development and policy recommendations


Click to access the abridged version. 

 AMENDMENT - NOV. 2023   

The Borderplex Alliance introduces this amendment to the 2025 Ascend Plan Amendment, which will incorporate 10 key recommendations from the Borderplex Future of Work Report. The Borderplex Future of Work Report was completed by a committee that was formed to address the dire need to create a more resilient and agile education and workforce system. The committee was comprised of a group of leaders from industry, academia, workforce development and economic development. 


Click to access the amendment.


Implementation of the 2025 Ascend Plan will go in phases and will be reviewed for relevancy and performance on a bi-annual basis. The projects below describe a few of the major initiatives being conducted under the Plan.

 Borderplex Supplier Association 

Supplier Association Logo (1).png

Empowering the region's suppliers through programming on exporting and advanced technology and providing business consulting and industry-wide special initiatives.


Who is this group for:

  • Manufacturing Suppliers

  • U.S. Banks

  • Logistics Companies

What we do:

  • The Supplier Association will provide resources to help increase regional exports as well as increase the number of products and services sold regionally.

  • The Association also seeks to encourage the adoption and creation of technology by suppliers.

  • Through special initiatives, the Association seeks to strengthen the systems that support the manufacturing industry.  

 Binational Technology Council 

Tech Council Logo.png

Promoting the responsible adoption and creation of advanced technology and attracting advanced technology companies through talent pipeline development and business consulting. 


Who is this group for:

Anyone interested in our mission to promote the responsible adoption and creation of advanced technology. 

Where to get involved:

  • The Future of Work Policy Committee

  • Binational Tech Forum

  • Business Consulting

  • Talent-Related Strategic Initiatives

Note: Each has specific criteria for participation. 

To learn more, request information, or attend our next event, email here.

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