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Benefits of Working From Home

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Ryan James Solis

The 21st-century workplace will include a healthy dose of permanent “Work From Home” employment. Estimates show an expected 34.4% of the workforce will be remote in the post-pandemic world. Here are the top three reasons why companies should embrace work from home programs:

1. Productivity 

When 1,000 CIOs were interviewed regarding work from home, 48.6% reported that work from home led to increased productivity for their companies. For example, a recent survey2 noted that working from home led to a 230% increase in phone calls and a 47% increase in CRM activity.

2. Cost-Savings

Working from home means a decrease in expenses for office space, utilities, and supplies. It also reduces employee turnover, the number of sick days taken, and disruptions brought by commutes or weather issues.

3. Brain Gain 

The Millennial generation is one like no other, and one thing this generation values flexibility in the modern workflow. A flexible work schedule increases worker productivity and helps facilitate a work-life balance.

The hustle and bustle of Manhattan or the budget straining style of silicon valley is not for everyone. Setting up remote working allows companies to seek talent everywhere and anywhere without previous geographic limits. Companies that allow employees to work from home will attract young and bright talent away from more structured competitors. Twitter3, for example, has already implemented the option for permanent remote working.

For companies looking to build a talented workforce with diverse skills and viewpoints, work from home programs are part of the future.

If this is the case, then picking the right “home” will be crucial to company productivity and success. The Borderplex region (which includes C.d. Juarez, MX, El Paso, TX, and Las Cruces, NM) is ideal for recruitment. Here you’ll find a bi-lingual workforce made up of many veterans and transitioning soldiers who are experienced and ready to work.

In fact, in two separate studies, El Paso was ranked as the best place to work from home, ranking 2nd in the nation (AdvisorSmith) and top 5 nationally (Bankrate). Check out why freelancers and companies should call the Borderplex region their next home.


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