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Freelancers: El Paso is Home

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Ryan James Solis

Long gone are the days of traffic-jammed work commutes and crammed business meetings. Working from home is likely to be a permanent part of our future.

So, in the work from home economy, where should freelancers call home? The Borderplex region (which includes C.d. Juarez, MX, El Paso, TX, and Las Cruces, NM) is the ideal region for remote work.

In two separate studies, El Paso ranked as the best place to work from home, ranking 2nd in the nation (AdvisorSmith) and top 5 nationally (Bankrate).

Here are some reasons to make the Borderplex region home:

1. Geoarbitrage 

$1,000 in El Paso is not the same as $1,000 in Manhattan. The Borderplex provides all the benefits of urban life without the budget-straining nature of dense and sprawling cities.

For bright young minds starting their careers, a move to the Borderplex allows them to live comfortably on a budget and save for homeownership while also living in a modern, diverse, and vibrant city.

For experienced professionals, moving to the Borderplex provides the affordability to easily budget for retirement while also living in a city known for its safety and excellent schools.

2. Quality of Life 

When working from home, outdoor relaxation and exercise is a must. With 297 days of warm sunshine, the Borderplex is the ideal region for connecting with nature, living a healthy physical and mental lifestyle, and radically improving productivity. As a plus, the sunsets over the mountains in Franklin State Park, the largest urban state park in the U.S., are guaranteed to take your breath away.

With three professional sports teams, nine higher education institutions, a wide array of museums, parks, and trails, and a top of the nation safety record, the Borderplex is the ideal place to call home while working remotely.

3. Affordability 

Texas and New Mexico are the places to be for business. Affordable and tax-friendly for both employers and employees.

The average home price in El Paso is $211,000. That’s a 1⁄3 of the cost1 of a home in Los Angeles. Even in affordable Texas, El Paso stands out. The average El Paso home is around $100,000 less expensive than a Houston2 home and around 1⁄2 the price of a house in Austin3. Employees get the benefits of big city living in a no income tax state at a fraction of the cost. In the Borderplex region, homeownership isn’t just a dream; it’s a reality.

Picking the right city when working from home is crucial for leading a successful and productive life. Luckily, the Borderplex has it all: affordability, quality of life, and safety. Put all these together, and the Borderplex region is eager to welcome you to your new home!


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3 Austin home prices climb sky-high as real estate experts issue warning to city leaders

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