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We are 
 the Borderplex 
 Cd. Juárez • El Paso • Las Cruces

 Opportunity abounds in unconventional places 

Why the Borderplex?

Why the Borderplex?

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Since 2013, we've helped create
 Over 20,000 jobs 
& bring over
 $1.5  billion in investments 
to the region

 What we do 

We plan, coordinate, and accompany you for location scouting (in Mexico and the U.S.), and set up meetings to advance your specific project. 



We quickly obtain customized proposals for existing buildings, build-to-suit facilities, and available land sites. 



We offer current information on doing business in our region.

Regional Briefings
+ Orientations

We help connect you to local vendors, suppliers, and contract manufacturers that provide component parts and/or support.



We are fighting for the border.


We provide local and state incentives analysis, as well as assistance during the award process. 

Incentive Structure

+ Analysis

We provide the most current business information on climate, labor force, quality of life, infrastructure, workforce training, taxation, regulation, and other issues relevant to working in our region.