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Diversify Your Power Supply Portfolio in the El Paso Borderplex Region

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Data center operators across the United States are regrouping this quarter. Top of mind for executives is the unprecedented 2021 Southern Winter Freeze. Business continuity came to a harsh stand still as electric power infrastructure broke apart.


Engineers and customers were left with many operational unknowns exposing data, security, and service to massive vulnerability and disruption of service. 


El Paso Electric, a regional electric utility providing power located in the Borderplex Region, took lessons learned from a similar freeze experienced a decade ago. 


Here is why considering El Paso, Texas or Southern New Mexico for a data center operation will undoubtedly ensure business continuity and mitigate risk of weather related shut downs.

 Grid Optimization  

El Paso Electric is part of the Western Interconnect grid. By spreading out data center clusters, operators will be able to spread out risk over a reliable grid in the Borderplex Region. 

 Infrastructure Ready 

Critical components of El Paso Electric’s operating structure have been winterized and ready for a deep freeze. Valves, transmitters, and pipelines, along with key areas of operations that may be exposed to freezing temperatures are outfitted with insulation and state of the art heat lamps. El Paso Electric is ready and designed for minus 10.

 Diversity of Generation  

Dual fuel capability for plant operations is essential for proactively responding to quick changes in weather. El Paso Electric utilizes natural gas under normal circumstances. However, should an extreme condition arise that limits natural gas supplies, plant operators have the ability to source power from stored fuel oil on a moment’s notice. 

In 2021, data center leaders are outlining next best operating markets for power supply diversification, and grid optimization in 2021. Data centers market expansions will be led by their strength and consistency in reliability with a trusted provider.​

 About the Author 

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Tony Ramirez

Ramirez is the vice president of economic development at the Borderplex Alliance.

Interested in learning more? Connect with Tony.

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