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Low Humidity

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 Low-Humidity  Manufacturing in the Borderplex

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The desert is a new oasis for manufacturing. From batteries to semiconductors, the technology of the 21st century requires a controlled low-humidity environment for manufacturing. But even compared to other desert cities, the borderplex region stands out as the ideal location for manufacturing operations.


With an average monthly humidity of 32%, El Paso has lower average humidity than cities like Reno, NV (42%) and similar to a city like Phoenix (31%). Crucially, however, El Paso has a much more constant humidity rate. 


The variability in humidity between the most and least humid months in El Paso is a difference of 19%. For Phoenix, variability increases to 27%, and in Reno, variability more than doubles to 41%.  


A constant low-humidity climate allows businesses to 

  1. Spend significantly less on electricity to regulate the internal humidity of manufacturing facilities, thus decreasing total landed costs.

  2. Spend substantially less time and capital fitting facilities for complex weather patterns and sudden shifts in humidity.


Compared to other desert climates, El Paso is a much less volatile and more advantageous location to invest in low-humidity manufacturing operations such as the manufacturing of batteries, magnets, or semiconductors. 


In addition, El Paso is home to 297 sunny days every year. Meaning that not only is climate constant, but so is the sunshine. This makes it easy for manufacturers to set up solar energy harvesting operations to provide a more green and sustainable manufacturing setup. 


And, with six international ports of entry, rail, freight, and air connectivity options and billions recently invested in roads, highways, and downtown redevelopment, the Borderplex region is the place to invest for manufacturing companies looking for fast and dependable delivery of manufactured goods.


 About the Author 

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Ryan James Solis

Solis is the lead analyst at the Borderplex Alliance.

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