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With over 360 significant manufacturing operations, it's no wonder the Borderplex Region, which includes El Paso, Las Cruces, and Cd. Juárez continues to attract companies worldwide


The borderplex is the 5th largest manufacturing hub

in North America

 $108 Billion in trade passed through the borderplex in 2022

There are 335,000+ employees in this sector alone

our population median age is 32

Educational institutions are prepared to offer

customizable training programs specific to your needs

Largest regional military complex in the nation

providing access to talented veteran workforce

 Who's manufacturing in the borderplex 

Screen Shot 2020-09-01 at 8.09.54 PM.png

"Our $185 million manufacturing plant is the company’s third in Juárez and will create 1,000 additional jobs to the more than 3,000 currently in Juárez." 

José Boisjoli

President and CEO, BRP 

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The borderplex has six ports 
connecting the united states to Mexico 

Ports 1, 4 and 5 process commercial cargo shipments

  1. Santa Teresa

  2. Paso Del Norte (PDN)

  3. Stanton Dedicated Commuter Lane (Stanton DCL)

  4. Bridge of the Americas (BOTA)

  5. Zaragoza (Ysleta)

  6. Serna / Tornillo 



of all U.S. trade with

Mexico passes through

the Borderplex

(Hunt Institute, 2021)


Every minute,

 $1.1 Million 

worth of goods and services

are traded by the U.S. and Mexico.

(Hunt Institute, 2021)


  • Duty elimination on exports/scrap/defective merchandise

  • Duty deferral until merchandise enters the U.S.

  • Shorter transit time - direct delivery for owner of goods

  • Avoid customs fines and seizures

  • Avoid state and local ad valorem taxes

  • Eliminate drawback


  • Tax exemption of inventory held in active zone

  • Receive start up support

  • Grantee transactions fees waived for 1st year

  • Access to rail facilities serving major American markets


El Paso's No. 68 Foreign Trade Zone aids American and foreign companies to defer or reduce Customs duties on products admitted to the zone.

 Foreign trade zone: One stop shop for international Trade 

 Benefit from Union Pacific's 
.$420 M Intermodal Facility 

The Borderplex Region offers Class 1 Rail Service provided by Union Pacific and Burlington Northern Santa Fe. Both have the following in the region:

  • Local rail service interline agreements

  • Maintenance facilities

  • Service facilities

  • Trans-loading facilities

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