With over 360 significant manufacturing operations, it's no wonder the Borderplex Region, which includes El Paso, Las Cruces, and Cd. Juárez continues to attract companies worldwide

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The Borderplex is the

 5th largest manufacturing hub  in North America

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Right-to-work state

 $108 Billion in trade  passed through the Borderplex last year

There are  295,000+ employees  in this sector alone

The median age of our population is 32

Educational institutions are prepared to offer

 customizable training programs 

specific to your needs

Being the largest regional military complex in the U.S., 

we have access to a pool of  veterans  to hire from

 The borderplex has five ports connecting the united states to Mexico 

Ports 1, 4 and 5 Process Commercial Cargo Shipments

  1. Santa Teresa

  2. Paso Del Norte (PDN)

  3. Stanton Dedicated Commuter Lane (Stanton DCL)

  4. Bridge of the Americas (BOTA)

  5. Zaragoza (Ysleta)

  6. Serna / Tornillo 

 17% of all trade with Mexico  passes through the Borderplex

Every minute

 $1 Million 

worth of goods and services are traded by the U.S. and Mexico

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 Recent expansion 

July 6, 2020

Our $185 million manufacturing plant is the company’s third in Juárez and will create 1,000 additional jobs to the more than 3,000 currently in Juárez”

- José Boisjoli, President and CEO of BRP

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 Benefit from a foreign trade zone (ftz)

El Paso's No. 68 Foreign Trade Zone allows your company to defer, reduce, or even eliminate Customs duties on. products admitted to the zone. Here is how your company can benefit from this program:  

  1. Duty elimination on exports.

  2. Duty elimination on scrap and defective merchandise

  3. Duty deferral until merchandise enters U.S. territory

  4. Duty reduction on foreign components which carry a higher duty rate than the finished article

  5. No time constraints on storage

  6. Shorter transit time - Direct Delivery for Owner of Goods

  7. Streamlined logistics - Weekly Entries & Weekly Exports

  8. Avoid Customs Fines and Seizures

  9. Eliminate Drawback

  10. Zone-to-Zone Transfers

  11. Improve Cash Flow and Profitability

  12. Reduced Bond & Brokerage Costs

  13. Electronic admission

  14. Security risks are much lower than in any offshore facility

  15. Avoid Taxes: No state and local ad valorem taxes apply to foreign merchandise in an FTZ.

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