April 21, 2016



Spurring innovation and entrepreneurship, the next phase of strategic planning will further unify and coalesce the North American Borderplex

EL PASO, Texas - Today, The Borderplex Alliance unveiled Borderplex 2020, the next phase of the regional strategic plan for the North American Borderplex aimed at improving quality in all aspects of business and life while spurring entrepreneurship and innovation in the Borderplex. The initiative was started based on the recommendations from the report authored by Dr. Edward Feser, El Paso Economic Develop System Review & Recommendations, which also informed the Regional Strategic Plan released in June 2015.

“Borderplex 2020 is a collaborative effort across diverse stakeholders and sectors,” said Rolando Pablos, Chief Executive Officer of The Borderplex Alliance. “The Borderplex Alliance is providing direction for economic development and building the infrastructure needed for local, regional, and national businesses to thrive in every aspect within the North American Borderplex. Borderplex 2020 allows all the different economic and workforce development voices in our region to have a voice in our economic future.”

Since last September, over 130 individuals representing institutions of higher education, the business community, government, healthcare and financial sectors, nonprofits, and economic development organizations from across the North American Borderplex have come together to serve on the Borderplex 2020 Steering Committee and Task Forces.

“The Regional Strategic Plan provided us with a blueprint for success for the next five years, and Borderplex 2020 is the next step in the implementation of measureable-goals,” said Joyce Wilson, Chair of Borderplex 2020. “I am proud of the work we have done. Today, we are publicly releasing our goals for Year 1 of the initiative and understand that our work extends far beyond the first year. Our collective is ready and eager to continue to push forward.”

One first year goal is to announce the short-term priorities for the Borderplex within the next six months. Some of these initiatives are already underway - but need better alignment and coordination - some we will begin to implement. Also within the first year, the long-term priorities for the North American Borderplex region will be publicly released. These are initiatives that will require a longer lead-time, more complex planning, and even stronger coordination between multiple entities.

“Borderplex 2020 unifies the North American Borderplex - the tri-state, binational region - and leverages the many combined assets within the area to compete globally, grow emerging industry sectors, and attract new investments and jobs for the region,” said Dr. Garrey Carruthers, Co-Chair of Borderplex 2020. “Combined as one region, we have greater opportunities to compete and stand out on the international stage.”

Task Forces were created for each of the high growth sectors that could benefit from regional collaboration and additional ones will be created as the plan progresses. Current Task Forces include Regional Planning, Education & Workforce, Defense & Aerospace, Advanced Manufacturing, Advanced Logistics, Business Services, Life Sciences, Tourism, and Entrepreneurship. The Task Forces have come together to review the recommendations from the regional study; map out efforts that are already underway; identify new efforts that are being developed; and, identify short- and long-term goals for continued growth within these industries across the region.

“We have monthly alternating meetings between the Steering Committee and the Task Forces. During these meetings, the groups have been mapping out current economic and workforce development efforts within their industries to identify the initiatives they can collectively work on in the short-term” said Julio Chui, Co-Chair of Borderplex 2020.

Borderplex 2020 will be hosting a series of forums throughout the region - El Paso, Southern New Mexico, and Cd. Juárez - to gain input from the community. These town halls will help Borderplex 2020 receive community input on its goals and find ways that stakeholders that are currently not involved can support its initiatives.  

The next step is to identify longer-term goals and efforts that are going to require more resources and longer planning, but will have a bigger collective impact in the region. Borderplex 2020 is ready to act on the next phase of the initiative, towards a collective vision of a brighter future filled with greater opportunities for the North American Borderplex. 



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