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Excellent Fiber Connectivity

El Paso possesses one of the richest concentrations of fiber-optic backbones among metro areas in the United States. According to KMI Research, there are at least 60 discrete fiber-optic-backbone access points connecting the El Paso/Juárez region to the rest of the North American telecommunications. This fiber-optic-backbone infrastructure is currently underutilized in El Paso. The region’s excellent fiber connectivity contributed to Fort Bliss’ designation as a persistent node on the Department of Defense’s Joint National Training Capability network. The region also possesses a point of presence on the National LambdaRail system.  


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Availability of Clean, Reliable Electricity

  • Since 1999, El Paso Electric Company has the best documented performance for service reliability compared to the nine other large electric utilities in the state of Texas
  • EPE ranked #1 in the state for performance on the System Average Interruption Frequency Index, averaging only 0.35 sustained service interruptions per customer per year, which is equivalent to one interruption per customer approximately every 2.9 years for the period 1999–2005. The average SAIFI for the other nine large Texas utilities for the same period was 1.05 interruptions, or approximately one interruption per customer per year
  • EPE also ranked #1 in the state during that same time period on the System Average Interruption Duration Index, averaging only 33.35 minutes of interruption per customer per year. The average SAIDI for the other nine large Texas utilities for that period was 81.68 minutes
  • EPE will soon begin work on 288 MW of additional load, to be completed in 2011

In addition, EPE is in a strong position to accommodate new customer loads compared to most other areas in Texas and the nation. For the five-year period 2007–2011, EPE expects to have an average of 242 MW of available power above its annual firm peak system demand. That equates to a reserve margin above peak of approximately 16.2 percent.

By comparison over that same forecasted five-year period, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, which supplies 85 percent of all power in the state of Texas, expects to realize a reserve margin above peak of just 9.6 percent (source: 2006 ERCOT Capacity, Demand and Reserves Report). Across the nation, the average projected electric-generation-over-energy-consumption margin for 2007–2011 is expected to be just 5.7 percent (source: EIA Annual Energy Outlook 2006 with Projections to 2030).  


Reserve Capacity Comparison 2011

El Paso Electric Company

Average annual firm peak demand*

1,603 MW

Average margin above firm

242 MW

Reserve Margin


Electric Reliability Council of Texas Forecast

Reserve Margin**


United States EIA Forecast

Reserve Margin***


* Firm Peak = Native System Demand (1,682 MW) plus line losses, minus congeneration, interruptible and load management.

**2010 Report on the Capacity, Demand, and Reserves in the ERCOT REgion Summer Summary (December update)

***EIA-411 Data-Aggregated Demand and Supply Components Used for Reliability Determinations, Actual and Projected Ten-Years (Summer.)

Source: El Paso Electric Company, information received March 2011.


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Stable Weather and Geology

The El Paso region exhibits climatological and seismic characteristics that are suitable for the operation of mission-critical data centers. The region has no history of earthquakes, tornadoes or hurricanes, and flooding has occurred only in limited geographic segments of the community. Local building designs are not required to incorporate features for significant wind loads or snow loads.


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University Talent and Expertise

In combination, The University of Texas at El Paso and New Mexico State University graduate more than 1,100 engineers and computer scientists each year. The UTEP College of Engineering also possesses core research competencies in a variety of disciplines within the field of communications and information technology. These core competencies include ...

  • High-assurance computing
  • Safety-critical systems
  • Distributed computing
  • Computer architectures
  • Computer security
  • Evaluation of real-time, high-performance and parallel computing systems
  • Human-computer interaction
  • Runtime support for robust, self-organizing systems 

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Robust IT-related Educational/Training Programs

El Paso Community College graduates students  in technology areas needed by mission-critical data centers.

Western Technical College graduates students in the fields of computer technology and information technology each year.  


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Public Schools

Data from the El Paso Collaborative for Academic Excellence shows strong indicators that students in El Paso public schools (particularly in the largest districts) are accelerating in high school completion rates, college-entrance-exam scores, math achievement and science achievement.

Each of the school districts listed has specific programs and curricula that focus on science and technology.

El Paso Independent School District:

  • Four-year pre-engineering program at Chapin High School
  • Center for Career and Technology offers programs in Cisco systems, Internet, computer repair and engineering drafting

Ysleta Independent School District:

  • Cyber Institute at Riverside High School focuses on 2-D and 3-D graphics, animation, digital production and Web mastering
  • Information Technology Academy at Hanks High School focuses on systems management, telecommunications and software
  • Math/Science/Engineering Academy at Parkland High School 

Socorro Independent School District:

  • Academy for Careers and Technology offers multimedia training
  • Discovery Academy focuses on computer technology
  • Excel Academy focuses on technical trades
  • Mission Early College High School allows students to earn college credits while taking rigorous high school courses and graduate with both a high school diploma and an associate degree

Clint Independent School District:

  • Information Technology Institute at Mountain View High School prepares students for cutting-edge careers in information technology and offers industry certifications in programs such as A+, Network Plus and Linux 

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